Technology Leads

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Technology Leads

Traditional marketing methods are losing their grip on customers at an alarming rate. Trade shows, trade publications and  direct mail deliver a fraction of the ROI they did only 2 years ago. The reason is simple. The internet. Companies research more and more of their technology acquisitions on the net. They are clicking "Search Results". That's what they came for. That's what they click. That's what we do. We use search engines to capture technology inquiries and deliver them, real-time to our clients.

Our GenerationV Technology Lead Service delivers many times the ROI of traditional marketing methods with the pinpoint accuracy and real-time "capture" capability of the internet. We guarantee it! Highly qualified, highly targeted technology lead generation has entered a new era. Experience high lead flow again! Delivered into your reseller channel or sales organization in real-time. 
We don't just deliver leads, we deliver the "decision to buy". In the high technology marketplace the ability to deliver the buyer to the supplier DURING THE BUY CYCLE has been the dream of marketing departments worldwide.  2100v delivers this dream today. Trade shows cost 10's of thousands, display ads are in the thousands. What kind of measurable return do you expect from these investments? For a few hundred dollars you can have the lead flow you need to supply your sales force or channel.

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