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WiMAX Market Reports


Fixed or Mobile WiMAX

Fixed or mobile WiMAX? Forecasts and assessment for the transition from 802.16-2004 to 802.16e WiMAX

UMA and Beyond: Mobile Operators Benefit from Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence

The WiMAX Report: emergence of fixed & mobile solutions

802.16 / WiMAX - Assessment of Fixed and Mobile Opportunities


Worldwide and Regional WiMAX

World Mobile Infrastructure 2006

Wireless Backhaul 2005: Worldwide Market Opportunities in Cellular

WiMAX and Broadband Wireless (Sub-11Ghz): Worldwide Market Analysis and Trends 2005-2010

USA & Canada 700 MHz Regulatory & Market Analysis

Broadband Wireless and WiMAX Brazilian Market Analysis 2005-2010


WiMAX Licensing

BRS, EBS and WCS Regulatory and Licensing Analysis Document Actions

ClearSpectrum BWA/WiMAX Worldwide Licensing & Technical Databases


Wireless WiMAX

Emerging Wireless 2006

WLAN-Cellular Convergence: The Carrier Business Case for WLAN, UMA and VoWLAN

Positioning WiMAX How WiMax Stands Up To DSL, Cable,    Wi-Fi and 3G


Triple Play

Transforming Triple Play: Key Lessons and Best Practices for Winning RGU Strategies


Internet Television

Rescuing 3G With Mobile TV: Business Models and Monetizing 3G

Transforming Telcos with IPTV: Business Models, Content Challenge, and Pay TV Competition

MVNOs and MVNEs: Analyzing the Viability of Virtual Mobile Players



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