iSCSI Developers Conference - SNIA

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iSCSI Developers Conference - SNIA


iSCSI Developers ConferenceiSCSI Developers Conference

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August 11 - 12, 2004
Doubletree Hotel,
San Jose, CA

By attending the iSCSI Developers Conference, delegates can also attend sessions of the CIFS Conference at no additional cost.


  • Early Bird Rate deadline: July 9, 2004
  • Hotel room rate deadline: July 25, 2004 ($109)

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iSCSI Developers Conference Agenda

** Speakers and topics subject to change without notice

Wednesday, August 11, 2004



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8:30am 9:30am

iSCSI: Protocol and Functionality

  • Understand what iSCSI is
  • And the structure of the iSCSI protocol stack
Learn how iSCSI provides storage access
  • And how it fits into storage and network infrastructure
Explore how an iSCSI session can be established
  • Plus security, boot, multipathing, etc.

David L. Black, PhD

Co-chair, IETF IP Storage Working Group, SNIA

Senior Technologist, EMC

9:35am 10:35am

Panel Discussion: 

Why My Company is So Serious About iSCSI

  • Understand how iSCSI fits in the context of major vendor strategy
  • Learn the next areas of focus in iSCSI

       Discover what has been the different market segment responses to date

Moderator:  Randy Kerns , Senior Partner, The Evaluator Group

John L. Hufferd , Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Brian Pawlowski , VP Of Engineering, Network Appliance

Uday Gupta , CTO, NAS Engineering, EMC

Suzanne Morgan , Program Manager, Windows Networking and Devices, Microsoft Corporation

10:35am 11:00am

Morning Networking Break


11:00am 11:45am

Managing iSCSI - the iSCSI Management API (IMA)

o Simplify and solve the management problem with the iSCSI management application (IMA)
o Examine the current IMA in detail, including the objects, API calls, and high-level management functions that it does and does not provide
o Understand the current status and future direction of the IMA

David Wysochanski,

Network Appliance  

11:45am 12:30pm

Microsoft Developer Support for

iSCSI and iSNS


Jeffrey Goldner , Development Manager, Windows Networking and Devices, Microsoft Corporation

12:30pm 2:00pm


Sponsored by Network Appliance


2:00pm 2:45pm

NAS and iSCSI --- Which to deploy?

  • Learn what drives the need for iSCSI SANs and/or NAS connections
  • Understand what requirements are best served by NAS, and which are server best by iSCSI, and why
  • Discover which approaches might be taken when requirements dictate both NAS and iSCSI

John L. Hufferd , Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

2:50pm 3:35pm

End User Case Study:

How iSCSI Compliments the Existing SAN Environment at PBS

  • Understand an end users' key pain points with iSCSI technology
  • Gain an end user perspective on how the iSCSI technology compliments the existing SAN environments

       Discover how an end user feels the technology might be improved

Ken Walters , Senior Director, Enterprise Technology, Public Broadcasting Service

3:35pm 4:00pm

Afternoon Networking Break


4:00pm 4:45pm

The Design and Implementation of an iFCP (Internet Fibre Channel Protocol) Prototype


  • Gain a general knowledge of iFCP and its role in SANs
  • Learn what iFCP is, and how it fits in with Fibre Channel and SCSI, and IP SAN protocols such as  iSCSI and FCIP
  • Discover an alternative to iSCSI for native SCSI/FCP devices with a relatively small amount of additional development
  • Learn how iFCP was implemented at the UNH IOL
  • Acquire an overview of iFCP testing, performance, and future developments

Claire Kraft, UNH Interoperability Lab  

4:45pm 5:45pm

End User Panel Discussion

Moderator:  Randy Kerns , Senior Partner, The Evaluator Group

5:45pm 7:30pm

Networking Theme Reception



Thursday, August 12, 2004

8:00am 8:30am

Continental Breakfast


9:00am 9:30am

Comparing iSCSI and NAS for Enterprise Applications

Claude Lorenson ,Technical Product Manager, Storage Technologies, Microsoft

9:30am 10:00am

iSCSI Interaction with the NAS Environment; Perspective from Network Appliance

NetApp Rep TBD

10:00am 10:30am

Morning Networking Break


10:30am 11:00am

iSCSI Interaction with the NAS Environment; Perspective from EMC

Uday Gupta , CTO, NAS Engineering, EMC

11:00am 11:30am

iSCSI Interaction with the NAS Environment; Perspective IBM


11:30am 1:30pm

Luncheon Panel Discussion


1:30pm 2:15pm

Order and Error Handling

       Understand the iSCSI ordering requirements on one I_T nexus, both within and across TCP connections.

       Recognize iSCSI's exception management philosophy    

       Discover the range of errors and exceptions possible, and how iSCSI deals with the range of exceptions

Mallikarjun Chadalapaka , Storage Architect, Hewlett Packard


2:15pm 3:00pm

File System Gateways

Jim Carlson , Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

3:00pm 3:45pm

Adding and Utilizing Advanced Features of SCSI and iSCSI in the Linux Kernel

Kalman Z. Meth, PhD, Manager, Networked Storage Technologies

IBM Haifa Labs


3:45pm 4:30pm

Chalk Talk



End of Conference