iSCSI Host Adapters
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Emulex HBAs
Emulex HBA
Emulex Host Adapters
Emulex iSCSI HBAs
Adaptec HBAs
Adaptec HBA
Adaptec Host Adapters
Adaptec iSCSI HBAs
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QLogic HBA
QLogic Host Adapters
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Fibre Channel Host Adapters

iSCSI Host Adapters

Carrier Class HBAs

Adaptec IP Storage adapters and ASICs are the premier choice for connectivity at every point within the storage area network, in servers, switches and storage devices. Building on more than 20 years of storage and networking expertise as well as on our long-standing relationships with the world's leading vendors, Adaptec provides best-of-breed solutions for customers, spanning from small and medium-sized to enterprise IT organizations.

Today's computing applications continue to place incredible strain on the host PCI bus and storage subsystem. In an ongoing effort to bring new heights of performance and reliability to today's professional applications, ATTO is pleased to introduce the ATTO ExpressPCI UL4D with PCI-X. Leveraging this latest in SCSI storage connectivity, the UL4D delivers up to 640 MB/sec. data throughput - making it twice as fast as currently available SCSI host adapters.

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QLogic SANblade Fibre Channel HBAs offer best-in-class performance and functionality for SANs.

AMCC's Fibre Channel HBAs powered by JNI technology work at 1Gb or 2Gb in all SAN topologies and with various operating systems through PCI-X, SBus, PCI, and cPCI bus interfaces. Because of the high level of reliability and functionality of our HBAs, we have been certified as a designated supplier by leading storage OEMs. Our HBAs are used in various applications, such as mission critical SANs, data warehousing SANs, and digital imaging SANs.

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