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Storage Area Network Solutions

The growth of stored data has been nothing less than explosive. According to Gartner Research worldwide storage capacity will swell from 283,000 terabytes in 2000 to more than five million terabytes by 2005. Furthermore, the amount of data created and data stored is expected to double every year for the foreseeable future; likewise, the amount of necessary data storage is expected to grow as well.  

 Where will you store your data ?

Organizations of all types and sizes are facing a steadily increasing number of obstacles when it comes to storing and managing business-critical data. Real Storage offers three Storage Area Network solutions designed to be cost effective, easy to deploy, and easy to manage. Our storage solutions help you get control of your information and the technology you depend on.

Fibre Channel Capacity Expansion

Add more capacity to your existing storage area network with our cost effective storage arrays by Nexsan Technologies. Together we bring the reliability and service you can count on !

Fibre Channel Server Extension

Maximize your existing storage area network by using an iSCSI gateway to increase the productivity of your fibre channel infrastructure with our SANRAD line of products. SANRAD solutions greatly reduce the cost of adding servers to a storage area network, consolidate networked storage, and maximize overall Return On Investment.

StorGate - A Pure IP Storage Solution

IP storage is designed to address the cost and performance deficiencies that are inherent in the fibre channel data transport technology that is currently being used to build most storage area networks today. Maximize the business value of enterprise storage with StorGate an integrated IP Storage solution by Real-Storage.










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