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WiMAX News on WiMAX Industry

Samsung Joins WiMAX Forum - December 29, 2004

By joining the WiMAX Forum, Samsung Electronics has the opportunity to promote and contribute to the Forum. A company release said that it could now expand its scope into the mobile broadband wireless by bringing its capabilities in mobility and advanced wireless broadband technology to WiMAX. Samsung WiMAX Forum >>

Airspan Buys VoIP Equipment Developer - December 29, 2004

Broadband wireless equipment developer Airspan Networks has purchased Israel-based ArelNet for $8.7 million, a move that will allow the WiMAX equipment developer to increase its support for voice-over-IP (VoIP) services.  Wimax Developer buys VoIP Developer >>

MobilePro Quietly Builds Wi-Fi/WiMAX Business - December 1, 2004

MobilePro is on a roll. Since receiving an infusion of $100 million in equity from Cornell Capital Partners in May, MobilePro has been quietly and quickly building a nationwide telecommunications service company through acquisitions targeting smaller, underserved markets in selective U.S. regions. Armed with valuable Wi-Fi/WiMAX assets and a focus on providing quality bundled services, it's a company to watch. MobilePro Spending Spree >>

Spain sprouts WiMax network - November 16, 2004

Europe appears to be fertile ground for new WiMax networks. Spain is the latest country to embrace the emerging high-end broadband wireless technology, following recent deployments in France, Ireland and the U.K. Spanish wireless operator Iberbanda SA has begun to install WiMax systems supplied by Alvarion Ltd., according to Bridget Fishleigh, a spokeswoman for the Tel Aviv, Israel, manufacturer. Spain WiMAX Network >>

HSDPA, WiMAX Will Not Peacefully Coexist - November 5, 2004

Mobile telephony and WiMax vendors may soon find themselves locked in competition for the same customers, as ABI Research predicts. The evolution of the voice communications industry has seen many changes, a major one being fixed-line communications transforming to wireless and mobile with cellular technology, the firm noted, adding that as data became a significant portion of the communications, cellular designers modified architectures and continued migrating up the data speed path. HSDPA WiMAX Coexistence >>

System Integrators Nearly Unanimous in Support of WiMAX - November 3, 2004

Support for WiMAX technology is now firmly established among system integrators with the recent additions of Lucent Technologies, LG Electronics and Huawei Technologies to the growing roster of the WiMAX Forum(TM). Combined with Nortel and Cisco, these companies represent virtually every major systems integrator worldwide, a key industry segment for the large-scale, global deployment of WiMAX. Integrators Support WiMAX >>

First UK WiMAX network under construction - November 3, 2004

A UK firm has begun construction of the first commercial broadband wireless WiMax network in Britain. The project has been kicked off by Telabria to deliver high-speed wireless broadband services to residential, business and enterprise customers in the south east of England, and provide back-haul for the firm's installed base of Wi-Fi hotspots in the region. First UK WiMAX >>

WiMAX for the Masses? - November 3, 2004

Companies introducing WiMAX products and services must convince enterprises and service providers that the broadband wireless technology makes economic sense, analysts at the WiMAX World trade show said here today. Getting technology into place because it's new is difficult to justify without being able to present productivity increases, Dale Kutnick, a META Group research fellow, said. WiMAX for Masses >>

SR Telecom Launches WiMAX-Ready Platform - November 3, 2004

At the WiMAX World Conference & Exhibition today in Boston, SR Telecom Inc. launched a broadband wireless access platform that incorporates the key technologies laid out in the as-yet-ratified 802.16e standard for metro wireless Internet, known as WiMAX. An evolution of SR Telecom’s “angel” product technology, symmetry follows the latest draft of 802.16e, including specifications for physical-layer technology Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. WiMAX Ready Platform >>

VoIP, WiMAX to Dominate ISPCON - November 2, 2004

Wired and wireless ISPs are preparing for a healthy debate over the future of VoIP, WiMAX and other provider issues as ISPCON rolls into Silicon Valley this week. The show co-produced by The Golden Group and Jupitermedia is expected to pull in hundreds of attendees for the fourth year in a row all looking to connect. VoIP WiMAX future >>

Expert claims Wi-Fi is far from dead - October 28, 2004

Fixed wireless broadband is on the rise, and WiMax, the standardized version of fixed wireless broadband, will be available in some areas this year. With a theoretical range of 30 miles and a throughput of 72 Mbps, 802.16e-based chipsets are expected in laptops and other mobile devices by late 2006. With such range, throughput and mobility, will WiMax eclipse Wi-Fi? Should businesses kiss their wireless LANs goodbye?  Expert Claims >>

Big shake-up in store for WiMax in 2005 - October 25, 2004

First-generation broadband wireless equipment based on the emerging WiMax standard will start shipping commercially in 2005, but many smaller vendors may not survive long enough to reap the rewards of its arrival, newly released research has claimed. According to a study released today by market research firm Heavy Reading the first commercial versions of WiMax products should be available by the middle of 2005, with market leader Intel leading the rollout charge. WiMAX Shake-up >>

Tepid WiMax Predictions - October 12, 2004

A market research firm predicts that WiMax won't pull in more than $1 billion before 2007: The market is likely to reach $2.5 billion by 2009, according to iSuppli, a research firm. While it's likely that WiMax won't reach the heights that some supporters envision, iSuppli may be missing a couple of key points. Researchers there say that landline players won't see any reason to use WiMax because it doesn't offer a quantum leap in capabilities over their existing technologies. WiMAX Predictions >>

AT&T, Covad close in on WiMax - October 8, 2004

AT&T has 8.5 billion reasons to embrace superspeedy WiMax wireless technology, says the carrier's chief technology officer. That's because $8.5 billion is the amount that Ma Bell pays other telephone companies for access to their networks, thus allowing it to provide communications services to customers. AT&T, Covad WiMAX >>

Taking WiFi to the Max - October 4, 2004

We already know how convenient it can be to sit down at the corner Starbucks and surf the Web over a wireless, high-speed Internet connection. Imagine if you kept that connection as you left the coffee house and jumped on a bus or hopped into the back seat of your carpool for the commute to the office. WiFi to the Max >>

A Call for a WiMax Licensing Group - October 1, 2004

Via Licensing Corporation is calling for WiMax patent holders to join a program with the ultimate goal of creating a portfolio of essential 802.16 technology that can be offered to companies at a single license price. While unwilling to name names, "a good cross-section of recognizable" companies have already expressed interest in the licensing effort. WiMAX Licensing >>

WiMax wings into the wild world of wireless - September 23, 2004

The technology, called WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), is winning over plenty of followers while quickly gaining momentum on the standards front -- despite high-profile skeptics such as Texas Instruments Inc. (TI). That was the general consensus of industry experts attending a crowded workshop earlier this week at the Broadband World Forum in Venice. WiMAX Wireless World >>

Intel hoping to begin WiMAX rollout in 2005 - September 7, 2004

Intel is moving closer towards launching its WiMAX chip, as it has begun sampling the chip to "strategic partners" with an eye towards launch next year. Based on the IEEE 802.16 wireless broadband standard, WiMAX has been touted as a high-speed, wireless broadband solution for both rural and urban markets. Trial deployments are slated to begin sometime in 2005, provided the 700MHz spectrum WiMAX plans to use is "cleaned up" and made available. WiMAX rollout 2005 >>

Intel's Rosedale chip brings WiMax closer - September 7, 2004

Intel Corp. has begun shipping samples of its first WiMax chip, called Rosedale, and the first network trials based on the technology will start next year, a senior company executive said Tuesday. Rosedale is an SOC (system-on-chip) designed for networking gear that will wirelessly connect end users' homes or offices with a WiMax-based broadband network. Intel WiMAX Chip >>



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