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WiMAX White Papers on WiMAX Industry - 802.16 Solutions

WiMAX, making ubiquitous high-speed data services a reality - Alcatel

Thanks to its innovative technology, WiMAX will offer broadband wireless access at data rates of multiple Mbit/s to the end-user and within a range of several kilometers. The same radio technology will also offer high-speed data services to all nomadic terminals (laptops, PDAs, etc.) with an optimized trade off between throughput and coverage. Ultimately it will enable the "Portable Internet" usage replicating on the move the same user experience as at home or at the office.

Introducing WiMAX: The next broadband wireless revolution - Alvarion

In recent years, Broadband technology has rapidly become an established, global commodity required by a high percentage of the population. In the past two years alone, the demand has risen rapidly, with a worldwide installed base of 57 million lines in 2002 rising to an estimated 80 million lines by the end of 2003. This healthy growth curve is expected to continue steadily over the next few years and reach the 200 million mark by 2006 (see Figure 1 below). DSL operators are now challenged to provide broadband services in suburban and rural areas where new markets are quickly taking root.

WiMAX Technology and Deployment for Last-Mile Wireless Broadband and Backhaul Applications - Fujitsu

While wireless connectivity options have expanded rapidly in recent years, wireless network access is available now only in limited physical areas. Internet and intranet users need broadband access that extends over longer distances to more locations. The industry’s solution is the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) standard, developed to create certified standards-based products from a wide range of vendors.

Accelerating Wireless Broadband - Intel

Broadband has been a long time coming, and for most people it’s still not here yet. At the close of 2002, just 46 million subscribers worldwide had broadband (In-Stat/MDR*). In the U.S., only 17 percent of households were connected. What’s the holdup? Apparently, the problem isn’t demand. It’s supply.

IEEE 802.16 and WiMax - Intel

Many operators and service providers may be unfamiliar with the details of the IEEE 802.16* standard, but this wireless technology is about to revolutionize the broadband wireless access industry. The 802.16 standard, the “Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems,” is also known as the IEEE WirelessMAN* air interface.

Broadband Wireless: The New Era in Communications - Intel

There’s no doubt the world is going wireless – faster and more broadly than anyone might have expected. In this visionary paper, Intel demonstrates this new reality and predicts that billions of people will gain high-speed Internet access – wirelessly – within the next decade. The premise for this vision is clear: all high-speed wireless technologies (3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and Ultra- Wideband) will coexist, working in tandem to meet service provider and customer needs for truly mobile computing and communications across the globe.

IEEE 802.16* WirelessMAN Specification Accelerates Wireless Broadband Access - Intel

Although broadband has been available for some time, access for most people is still limited. At the end of 2002, statistics showed only 46 million subscribers worldwide had broadband access and in the United States only 17 percent of households were connected (In-Stat/MDR). So what’s the delay? The problem isn’t demand, it’s how access is supplied.

The Broadband Wireless Access Market - Proxim

Enterprises, Internet Service Providers, and Mobile Network Operators are all looking for cost-effective ways to move voice and data amongst multiple, separate locations at broadband speeds. Copper and fiber optics solutions often fall short due to up-front costs, recurring leases from telecommunications companies, and lack of flexibility to scale with the operating organization. Broadband wireless has emerged as a means to fill these gaps and provide a lower total cost of ownership than wired solutions, while maintaining or exceeding the reliability and performance of those technologies.

Overcoming the limitations of fixed wired access technologies - Siemens

Governments globally are starting to prioritize broadband as a key political objective for all citizens to overcome the “broadband gap” also known as the “digital divide”. In last mile markets where traditional cable or copper/fiber infrastructures are either saturated, outdated or simply out of reach, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology fills the void admirably, providing highly efficient and cost effective access services for a large number of subscribers who would otherwise be left out of the loop in developed markets.



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