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SeaMax Analyzer
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WiMAX 802.16 2004 OFDM PHY

Seasolve is a global provider of test and measurement solutions for PHY layer testing, semiconductor IPs for IEEE standards such as 802.11 a/b/g, 802.15.4 and WiMax. We have developed test solutions for digitizers and down-converters from NI using LabVIEW and VIs, Tektronix and offer services for developing test solutions on proprietary third party hardware.

Our Services Include:

Seasolve’s solutions help wireless chip and equipment manufacturers test their equipment at design stage, Quality Control and certification process.

WiMAX Test WiMAX Protocol Monitor
WiMAX Analyzer WiMAX Testing Equipment
WiMAX Monitor WiMAX Testing Solutions
WiMAX Packet Analyzer WiMAX Testing Tools
WiMAX Packet Monitor WiMAX Tests
WiMAX Protocol Analyzer WiMAX Tools

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