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ProAvio Announces New High-speed Mini-SAS Storage Line for HD and 2K

Proavio, U.S.A.
January 21, 2008

Santa Fe Springs, CA -- Proavio, U.S.A., a leading developer of storage systems and tools for digital media production, announced today the release of the new EditBOX Mini-SAS (MS) storage line.

Designed for use with the latest PCI-Express Mini-SAS RAID controllers, EditBOX MS line integrates new features including a standardized cable type, industry-standard SFF8088 interface ports with professional locking connectors, native internal Mini-SAS system architecture and an overall increase in performance by up to 20%. Proavio's leading-edge SAS/SATA technology guarantees the industry's most comprehensive support for 3rd party RAID controllers including Areca Technology, Atto, High-Point Technologies, LSI Logic and Apple.

About EB4MS
EB4MS is a small-format, four-drive, SAS/SATA disk array featuring one x4 SFF8088 interface port and new Mini-SAS architecture that greatly increases the signal integrity. Capable of exceeding speeds over 225MB/s. EB4MS supports both single and multi-stream 8-bit uncompressed HD video and single stream real-time 10-bit HD capture/playback. A low-noise, studio-quality PSU and small form-factor make the EB4MS the ideal solution for home, project and boutique studios looking for a solid entry-level HD storage solution. EB4MS models are available in capacities ranging from 1.0TB to 4.0TB and now available as a complete solution through authorized dealers worldwide.

About EB8MS
EditBOX 8MS is a small-format eight drive, SAS/SATA disk array with a dual x4 Mini-SAS interface and supports disk configurations up to 8.0TB. Designed specifically with uncompressed HD & 2K media in mind, the EB8MS is capable of delivering an excess of 450MB/s when configured in RAID-5. Available in capacities up to 8.0TB, the EB8MS can store in excess of 5 hours of 10-bit uncompressed HD (RGB) source material at a fraction of comparable Fibre Channel systems. EB8MS compliments any high-resolution video platform; including systems by AJA, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Grass Valley/Canopus and Matrox. A low-noise, studio-quality PSU and small form-factor make the EB8MS the choice for professional video, film, audio and post production facilities. EB8MS models are available in capacities ranging from 2.0TB to 8.0TB and now available as a complete solution through authorized dealers worldwide.

About Proavio
Proavio ( designs and manufactures high performance storage systems and products for the digital content creation, post production and broadcast markets. Product line includes Ultra320 SCSI, 3Gb SAS/SATA, 4Gb Fibre Channel, desktop FireWire and IP-SAN storage.



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