IP SAN Disk Backup and Recovery

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StoneFly Networks Unveils Backup Advantage for Affordable, Automated IP SAN-Based Disk Backup and Recovery
Monday March 1, 9:56 am ET
Turnkey Solution Featuring Advanced Backup and Recovery Software, IP SAN Functionality and Remote Replication Delivers Enterprise-Class Data Protection


SAN DIEGO, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- StoneFly Networks(TM), Inc., the innovator of iSCSI-based storage provisioning appliances that optimize IP SANs (Internet Protocol Storage Area Networks), today unveiled StoneFly Backup Advantage(TM), the first fully integrated IP SAN-based disk-to-disk (D2D) backup solution that accelerates backup and restore times while reducing costs. StoneFly Backup Advantage combines enterprise-class data protection with advanced storage management in an easy-to-use, economical system that supports the growing business continuity needs of departments of large corporations as well as small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


This exclusive turnkey solution combines the strengths of StoneFly's high- performance Storage Concentrator(TM) i3000 with award-winning backup and recovery software from CommVault Systems. Ideally suited for five-to-12 server IP SAN environments, StoneFly Backup Advantage offloads backup and restore operations from a local area network onto a dedicated Ethernet IP SAN. This "LAN free" approach slashes backup times considerably by backing up data from multiple servers simultaneously onto a centralized storage network. Integrated IP SAN functionality adds logical volume management and improved storage utilization. In addition, StoneFly Backup Advantage increases performance and near-term data availability by replicating backups to a remote IP SAN using StoneFly Replicator(TM) mirroring software.

According to Allen F. Yuhas, president and CEO of StoneFly Networks, Backup Advantage lowers price and performance barriers for the market by offering plug-in backup and recovery capabilities tailored for IP SANs. "As a result of introducing and integrating StoneFly Backup Advantage with our market leading IP SAN technology, we've developed an easy and cost-effective 'Swiss Army knife' storage solution," he said. "Now, businesses can use one centralized storage network to handle a variety of requirements, including storage consolidation, provisioning, replication and complete backup and recovery."

With this integrated hardware and software approach, the typical constraints imposed by the LAN are removed from the backup process. In addition, StoneFly Backup Advantage offers plug-and-play installation with a web-based graphical user interface that streamlines daily management of all servers from a centralized management console. The system also supports automated backup procedures based on pre-defined policies and parameters to standardize procedures and streamline operation for the most efficient resource utilization.

SMBs and departmental workgroups can take advantage of this "push-button" automation to reduce manual intervention and alleviate IT resource constraints. To that end, StoneFly Backup Advantage routinely manages automated movement of data from disk to tape, supports auto discovery of storage devices to minimize configuration errors and includes an automatic default storage policy for all data.

"StoneFly Backup Advantage fills the void in the SMB market for simple, affordable and automated backup and recovery," said Bob Hammer, chairman and CEO of CommVault Systems. "Together, CommVault and StoneFly are making significant strides in delivering enterprise-class data protection to organizations of all sizes."

With StoneFly Backup Advantage, organizations also can send data to tape or WORM devices as a background activity with no concern for the backup window or degradation of LAN performance. The data subsequently can be placed in long-term archival storage in order to be maintained for compliance requirements or other reasons.

Available in March, StoneFly Backup Advantage is a complete IP SAN solution that includes a StoneFly Storage Concentrator i3000 with storage provisioning, CommVault backup and recovery software, and 1TB of storage capacity with pricing starting at $29,795.

About StoneFly Networks, Inc.

StoneFly Networks, Inc., based in San Diego, is the innovator of iSCSI- based storage provisioning appliances that enable optimization of Internet Protocol Storage Area Networks (IP SANs). Shipping since June 2002, Storage Concentrators have been installed across key vertical markets, including insurance, healthcare, education, government, financial services and manufacturing. Storage Concentrators combine the functionality of an iSCSI router, bridge and a powerful provisioning engine to provide logical volume management, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. StoneFly products require no specialized expertise to install, and are fully interoperable with leading operating systems, iSCSI initiators and storage arrays. StoneFly Networks is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the founding member of the IP Storage Institute (IPSI). For more information, please visit www.stonefly.com .

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