iSCSI SAN Server with Clustering and File Sharing


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iSCSI SAN Server with Clustering and File Sharing  

SANRAD and Sistina Software Team to Provide SAN-Wide Server Clustering and File Sharing

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2003--SANRAD Inc., a leader in developing and delivering intelligent iSCSI SAN solutions and forerunner in Linux iSCSI development, today announced that its V-Switch 3000 supports Sistina GFS(TM) (Global File System) for Linux operating environments. As part of SANRAD's ongoing commitment to Sistina and Linux customers, SANRAD has certified its iSCSI IETF RFC compliant V-Switch 3000 with Sistina GFS for companies requiring Linux server clustering and file sharing within a Storage Area Network (SAN).

Sistina GFS is a global file system that provides SAN-wide server clustering and file sharing. GFS allows any server on the SAN to read and write shared storage volumes and files with any other server on the SAN. SANRAD's V-Switch 3000 is an all-in-one IP-SAN appliance that supports GFS by enabling multiple clustered servers to connect to and access the same storage systems, volumes and files. V-Switch 3000 also provides active/active multi-pathing to support true clustering and non-disruptive provisioning and scaling of storage resources up to 100s of TBs.

"Combining Sistina GFS with our iSCSI SAN solution means companies get the best of both worlds. They get a complete block-based IP-SAN on the lower layer and they get clustering and file sharing on a higher layer," said SANRAD CEO, Uli Gal-Oz. "Our V-Switch gives the customer the freedom to select any old or new SCSI, SCSI/ATA or FC RAID, JBOD or Fabric storage system. Our iSCSI SAN solution is heterogeneous and supports any operating system that supports iSCSI. The user then layers GFS over iSCSI at the server level. GFS provides file sharing between any enabled server on the SAN and adds high availability with server clustering. By combining the two, the user gets far greater flexibility, diversity and reliability than a single file sharing SAN appliance."

"Sistina's storage infrastructure software is the foundation for building, integrating and deploying data-sharing storage solutions across the enterprise," stated Joaquin Ruiz, Sistina's Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. "We're excited to team with SANRAD in order to deliver highly available, high performance iSCSI SAN infrastructure solutions, enabling the deployment of enterprise applications throughout the data center."

About Sistina

Sistina, the premier storage infrastructure software company, delivers data-sharing solutions for enterprise and technical computing customers. Based on Sistina's file system and volume management software, Sistina provides customers with high performance, scalable, robust storage solutions. Sistina supports multiple server, OS, storage and networking technologies enabling customers to manage low-TCO, highly integrated environments. Sistina's technology is ideally suited for customers deploying large database, file-serving, scientific and web applications.


SANRAD is the leader in IP Storage Networking, enabling organizations to effectively access, share and manage storage across standard ethernet environments. SANRAD delivers a new dimension in the continuity and simple management of vital business information by coupling standard IP connectivity with network-based storage services to create IP-based Storage Area Networks (IP SANs). SANRAD IP SANs enable full data availability, effective resource provisioning and complete data protection with excellent price/performance. SANRAD's U.S. sales, marketing and support offices are located in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, Calif., with research and development and international sales offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. SANRAD is a member of the RAD Group, a holding company that has founded 22 networking companies and is one of the largest multi-national revenue producers in networking.