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SAN Protocol Analysis & Test- Fibre Channel, iSCSI, InfiniBand 

Large Storage Area Networks (SANs) are being installed worldwide. Monitoring the performance of and troubleshooting these sophisticated storage systems requires powerful instrumentation. In 1996, Finisar introduced the first protocol analyzer for 1 Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs with multiple megabyte trace buffers. Finisar’s protocol analyzer quickly became the industry standard for SAN test and analysis. Finisar’s product line continues to expand to include new and emerging SAN protocols including, InfiniBand and iSCSI/Gigabit Ethernet. Finisar offers the breadth of performance-enhancing tools, and network test and analysis products – Analyzers, Bit Error Rate Test Systems , Error Injectors and Generators – necessary to optimize today’s SAN development environments.  GTX Analyzers can be used in conjunction with Finisar Taps for data aquisition and access to network traffic, including all physical errors, from both sides of a full duplex link. Taps are fault tolerant and enable network monitoring or analysis tools to be dynamically inserted into Ethernet or Fibre Channel segments without breaking the link. Finisar is currently working on FCIA's SANMark  scripts such as 2001, 2003, 3001, 3002, 3010, 3020 & 4001. Click here for Technical Whitepapers .
GT Check
GTX Multi-Protocol Analyzer with SANMetrics Expert Analysis
SANMetrics Expert Analysis Software for GTX Analyzers
GTX-B Bit Error Rate Tester
GTX Jammer Module (iSCSI)
GTX-G Generator
San Traffic Monitoring Solution - SAN QoS
FICON/SB2 Support Tools