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 Finisar Systems Announces GTX Version 4.2:

The Industryís First Multi-Protocol Analyzer for SANs

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The GTX Analyzer system is a combined hardware and software solution that collects and analyzes information on Fibre Channel, iSCSI and InfiniBand links. The hardware can either be placed directly inline on a link or non-intrusively monitor the link using Finisar Optical Taps. An integrated suite of software including SANMetrics, TraceView, Trace Control and Performance Monitor delivers both real-time display and expert post processing functions. The Trace Control software can be configured to wait for a specific condition or begin capture immediately. After information is captured, it can be displayed, examined and processed using several different methods.


GTX-Performance Monitor

The integrated GTX-Performance Monitor continuously collects and graphically reports real-time performance metrics and data errors, independent of the data capture process. It allows users to view a display of Mbytes/sec, kilo frames/sec & physical layer errors of the traffic from each direction of the link. Error indicators show red for current errors and yellow for previous errors.

GTX-Trace Controller
Parameters for triggering and real-time capture filtering need to be defined to acquire specific segments of traffic. Finisar's GTX-Trace Control has integrated search and display filter terms into a traffic library containing predefined and user-defined templates for frames, ordered sets and errors. Finisarís GTX-Trace Controller has hundreds of filter terms in a traffic library containing pre-defined and user-defined templates for frames, ordered sets and errors. These templates are also used to define simple of multi-level trigger events, including timeouts and missing events.

GTX-SANMetrics offers the market's only intelligent Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet protocol analysis software. It's expert-level analysis and debugging facilities are unsurpassed and unrivaled in the SAN analysis industry. Itís Engine processes, rebuilds, and analyzes transactions for all protocol levels (Fibre Channel, FCP-SCSI, iSCSI, TCP). GTX-SANMetrics sorts through millions of events to identify performance, upper layer protocol, logical and physical layer issues which allows the user to easily identify trouble events and quickly jump to the event in TraceView. The analysis provided by GTXSANMetrics takes only minutes whereas in standard trace viewing software, the same task could take days. For the first time, engineers are free to concentrate on problems, not data.

GTX Analyzer Hardware Platform Options

GTX Rackmount (GTX-RX) I deal for design and development engineers the Rackmount analyzer comes with up to 16 ports, BERTs, Jammers or Generators and deep trace capture capabilities.

GTX Tower (GTX-W) The newest addition to the GTX family provides the latest Pentium 4, 2.2GHz system with 1Gb DDR memory and the ability to accommodate up to 6 GTX product family cards.

GTX Portable (GTX-P) This Dolch-based analyzer offers full data capture capabilities in a portable platform that accommodates up to 4 cards. Ensures both accurate data collection and transparency on the link.

GTX Notebook (GTX-N) Ideal for Field Service and Application Engineers, the notebook analyzer puts the power of the desktop GTX into a portable platform that meets airline size regulations.