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V-Switch 3000, Total iSCSI SAN
SANRAD V-Switch 3000 combines iSCSI connectivity with Network-based volume management for highly available storage and simple storage provisioning

V-Switch 2000, Smart Office SAN
SANRAD's V-Switch 2000TM is optimized for mid-range and departmental environments requiring cost effective IP SAN solutions for common business applications.

GTX Gigabit Traffic Systems are available with a variety of platforms to provide from 1 up to 8 duplex analyzers for 1Gb/s and 2Gb/s Fibre Channel, 1.25Gb/s Gigabit Ethernet or 2.5Gb/s InfiniBand.  New software allows the integration of all three protocols as well as single protocol analysis.
New iSCSI Analyzer, Trace Viewer, Trace Control and SANMetrics.
Enhanced Fibre Channel and InfiniBand Protocol Decode Support
Multiple Protocol Support; Interleaved Trace View with Time Synchronization
SANMetric Expert Analysis & Performance Statistics for Fibre Channel & Gigabit Ethernet.
Remote Access using Terminal Server.

The world's most widely used SCSI diagnostic software product is now available for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and now Windows XP!

Infinity I/O combines multi-vendor solution expertise with unmatched industry experience to offer IT professionals comprehensive Storage Networking education. Our premier training solutions and custom course development capabilities ensure you achieve the technical expertise necessary to optimize the development and deployment of Fibre Channel and IP/iSCSI storage solutions.

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