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INDUS Corp. Jumps on SANRAD Bandwagon to Deploy iSCSI SAN With Microsoft Windows Server 2003; Company Cites Cost & Flexibility Advantages for Move to iSCSI

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 2, 2004--SANRAD Incorporated, a leader in developing and delivering intelligent iSCSI SAN solutions, today announced that INDUS Corp. is the latest customer to convert its data center storage infrastructure to an iSCSI SAN built around SANRAD's powerful V-Switch technology.

Vienna, Va.-based INDUS is a full-lifecycle IT solutions provider, focused on web-enabling or modernizing clients' information resources. The company offers complete services ranging from initial concept design and requirements analysis, through development, to end user support and systems maintenance. INDUS brings its customers specialized expertise in database management, data warehousing, and data mining, dynamic web development to foster e-Government and e-Business, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), convergent telecommunications solutions and network and data security.

INDUS has deployed the SANRAD V-Switch as the centerpiece of an iSCSI SAN with 20 servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Nexsan storage and employing MonoSphere's Storage Manager suite. INDUS is one of the first SANRAD customers to take advantage of the new Microsoft iSCSI initiator, enabling customers such as INDUS to seamlessly migrate from existing direct-attached storage to the flexibility and storage TCO advantages of iSCSI SANs when running on Microsoft server platforms.

"SANRAD is the first to market with a standardized solution that was easy to manage and certainly with the iSCSI initiator from Microsoft it made the implementation much easier," said Robert Nase, Director of Corporate Information Technology at INDUS. "And they're the right price," he added.

According to Nase, the primary factor for INDUS to move from DAS to a SANRAD iSCSI SAN was the flexibility of the iSCSI SAN architecture, such as the ability to improve storage utilization instead of wasting unused storage capacity that is restricted to an individual server in a DAS environment. "We use the storage as a big pool and share it among 20 servers as a virtual storage pool," said Nase. "The servers only see a great big pool and they use the capacity as appropriate."

SANRAD's SCSI V Switches introduce all-in-one iSCSI storage networking, guaranteeing the full availability and seamless management of stored information across standard Ethernet networks, affording a complete storage continuity solution that is easy to deploy, with excellent price/performance. SANRAD iSCSI V Switches combine a truly interoperable, multiple-port iSCSI gateway with comprehensive storage services for full block-based data access, network volume management, storage continuity and traffic optimization, delivering a new dimension in the availability of vital business information using open iSCSI Storage Area Networks.


INDUS Corporation is a leading provider of Information Technology and web solutions to the public and private sectors with headquarters in Vienna, Virginia and office locations throughout the country and abroad. Since their inception in 1993, INDUS has grown to over 300 IT and web-oriented professionals with revenues nearing $34 million. As one of the fastest-growing high tech companies in America, INDUS provides innovative solutions that encompass data management, dynamic web development to foster e-Government and e-Business, geographic information systems (GIS), telecommunications, and network and data security. INDUS is SBA 8(a) certified until 2003. For more information please visit


SANRAD is the leader in IP Storage Networking, enabling organizations to effectively access, share and manage storage across standard Ethernet environments. SANRAD delivers a new dimension in the continuity and simple management of vital business information by coupling standard IP connectivity with network-based storage services to create IP-based Storage Area Networks (IP SANs). SANRAD IP SANs enable full data availability, effective resource provisioning and complete data protection with excellent price/performance. SANRAD's U.S. sales, marketing and support offices are located in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, Calif., with research and development and international sales offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. SANRAD is a member of the RAD Group, a holding company that has founded 22 networking companies and is one of the largest multi-national revenue producers in networking.