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High Performance NAS Appliances


RS8200 - High Performance Network Attached Storage


  • Terabytes of Storage Capacity
  • Intel PIII 1.3 GHz 512 cache
  • Built in Antivirus Protection
  • Dual GbE
  • SCSI Expansion for Tape
  • DVD+RW option
  • Internal Tape Option Available
  • UPS Integration

The RS8200 is an award winning ATA based RAID Network Attached Storage system designed with performance and reliability in mind. It is a cost-effective and highly reliable network storage system that meets ever-growing storage demands while delivering unsurpassed performance and Enterprise class features. Its powerful processor, reliable network accessibility, and ease of use make the RS8200 a high performance terabyte storage solution. DVD writer, internal tape back-up, and external SCSI based tape back-up configurations are available.

The RS8200 offers multiple levels of RAID protection; including, levels 0, 1, 5 and JBOD. Automatic drive failure detection, automatic background rebuild, and global hot spare make it possible for users to retrieve and write data at all times. A highly efficient and fault-resilient journaling file system ensures data integrity. An automatic bad sector re-mapping mechanism ensures RAID availability. Hard disks are hot-swappable and hot-spare disks are available with RAID 1 and 5. All these features provide for an affordable terabyte storage solution with superior data availability, protection, and reliability. Plus Performance !

  • RS8200-250             2 Terabyte 8X250GB RAID Basic Platform

  • RS8200-250D           2 DVD Drive Option

  • RS8200-250DT         1 DVD and 1 Tape Drive Version