Enterprise ATA RAID

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Enterprise ATA RAID


Fibre Channel Expansion

The rapid growth in data intensive applications continues to fuel the demand for raw data storage capacity. Applications such as data warehousing, data mining, on-line transaction processing, and multimedia are consuming more storage space than ever before. As a result, there is an ongoing need to add more storage, service more users and back-up more data.

Utilizing Nexsan's EnterpriseATA™ technology, Real-Storage proudly introduces the ATABeast to its high capacity fibre channel product line. Built upon Nexsan's groundbreaking technology, the ATABeast delivers industry-leading features including dual field replaceable ATA RAID controllers, unparalleled density, and extended warranties.

  • Capacity Expansion - With capacities from gigabytes to several terabytes and unparalleled density the ATABeast maximizes the return on your existing fibre channel hardware investment.
  • Secondary Storage - The enterprise class features and performance of the ATABeast enable large file repositories for thousands of users stored on a single system.
  • Video or Audio Archive - The ATABeast easily handles massive video and audio archives with a high IOPS performance that allows instant access for play-on-demand applications.

Reduces TCO - Highly cost-effective storage solution provides significant savings through storage consolidation, streamlined management, and standard interoperable components.

Increases ROI - Through more efficient storage usage, improved administrative productivity, and reduced network complexity.

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