Scalable IP Storage Solutions

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Scalable IP Storage Solutions


IP SAN Solutions

Until now Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks were prohibitively costly to deploy. The introduction of IP storage solutions to the market place eliminate those high cost barriers for SAN deployment, enabling any business to install an IP-based SAN for a fraction of the cost of a similar Fibre Channel solution. IP Storage solutions are also eliminate interoperability and proprietary issues as well.

The StorGate Storage System represents a new-generation of IP-based SAN solutions, available at a fraction of the cost of traditional Fibre Channel SANs. 

StorGate is a modular, IP-based block-storage Storage Area Network array scalable in capacity and built to fit your needs. Real Storage delivers enterprise class features in a cost effective, scalable, and easy to setup network storage solution that costs pennies per megabyte.

Built from the ground up with the best of the best components Real Storage offers a complete end to end scalable IP storage solution that is designed to give IT professionals a simple, intelligent, yet affordable storage area networking solution that meets the challenges of the most demanding environments.

Real Storage IP storage solutions deliver unparalleled availability and performance while remaining the most cost effective and the most complete IP-based storage area network from a single source provider.

  • High Availability - Active/Active system failover, failback and multi-pathing ensure continuous data availability for diverse business applications.

  • High Manageability - Volume Spanning, Resizing and Striping enable the creation of custom storage volumes across physical disks for optimal performance of applications, maximum utilization of storage resources, and cost effective growth.

Reduces TCO - Cost-effective IP SAN solutions provide significant savings over traditional Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks through lower costs of acquisition, lower costs of administration, and simplified deployment.

Increases ROI - Through more efficient storage usage, improved administrative productivity, and reduced network complexity, StorGate achieves a fast return on investment.

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