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V-Switch 2000

Smart Office SAN
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SANRAD V-Switch 2000 introduces All-In-One iSCSI storage networking for mid-range and large departmental environments, providing full availability and network-based management of any SCSI, FC or iSCSI storage resources across standard Ethernet environments.

SANRAD V-Switch 2000 combines an interoperable dual port iSCSI gateway with SANRAD StorageProTM Management Services for cost effective IP Connectivity, full block-based data access, network volume management, integrated data replication and traffic optimization.

V-Switch 2000 Key Features and Benefits
Cost effective IP SAN solutions for mid-range organizations Ideal for configurations of up to 10TB and 2-20 hosts.
Optimized for mid-range and departmental applications Effective and easy to manage IP SANs for Email, File servers and Databases.
LAN/ MAN/ WAN iSCSI connectivity and data replication Shared storage and data resources with other offices.
Easy scalable performance Clustered multiple V-Switch 2000 systems increase performance to meet mid-range to enterprise performance requirements.
High availability for fault tolerant access to data Active/ Active clustered V-Switch failover, failback and multi-pathing ensure continuous data availability for diverse business applications.
Network-based storage pooling and virtualization with volume management for capacity management across enclosures Storage pooling, Volume spanning, Resizing and Striping enable the creation of custom storage volumes across physical disks and enclosures, for optimal performance of applications, maximum utilization of storage resources and cost effective service growth.
Open iSCSI storage bridging and switching platform Standardized connectivity across Ethernet environments, linking servers with any storage system for cost effective creation of mid-range departmental SANs, using heterogeneous storage infrastructure including FC, SCSI, iSCSI, FC Fabric and SCSI or FC systems using ATA /SATA or IDE drives.
Remote management and web-based GUI for centralized control and visibility of storage Comprehensive remote management over an intuitive Web based GUI provides a unified interface for operating volume management services, including back up, mirroring and data replication from anywhere across the network.
1U / RACK width 
(1U / full rack width for cluster)
Compact size, saves you precious rack space.
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