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Proposed SNIA Architecture:
Common RAID Disk Data Format (DDF) Specification

“Supermajority” vote required by Friday, August 20, 2004


iSCSI Developers Conference

iSCSI Conference

August 11 - 12, Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, CA

More information.

CIFS Conference

CIFS 2004 Conference & Plugfest

August 9 - 13, Doubletree Hotel. San Jose, CA

More information.

2004 ILM Solutions Conference

2004 Information Lifecycle Management
Solutions Conference

October 3-5, Long Beach, CA.

Visit the Conference home page.

SNIA Education Continuum

Expand Your Horizons

The new SNIA Education Continuum expands vendor-neutral educational opportunities for end users and the IT industry.

More information.

SNIA Technology Center Institute

The NEW Technology Center Institute

Offering three full SNIA sanctioned curricula and in-depth hands-on training.

More information.

IP Storage Forum: On the Road Seminar Series. Click for more info.

IP Storage on the Road

We're coming to a city near you with a half-day IP Storage seminar/demonstration.

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